If you’re looking for a production company, we’d be happy to help. After nearly two decades in this business, there is no situation we’re not ready to handle. We have the experience, education and expertise to land your production the way you want it, on time. We customize each production to meet the individual requests of our clients and their ideas. Whatever you need, just leave it to us. We’ll handle it. We are driven by an intense passion for the photographic medium coupled with an ambitious energy that is essential to staying at the forefront of the business.

Photography is an art form that always keeps evolving, demanding that we adapt and adjust with it. In Sweden, we were pioneers within the field of 3D and CGI for still photography. And today, when a photo shoot is more like a film production than a simple studio session, experienced producers are a necessity, not a luxury. You’ll find us here, ready to help whenever you need us. We love taking care of every little and large aspect of the practical side of the business, so that the photographer can perform at the very top of his or her level.

Our services include (but are not limited to): client and creative consultation, art buying, account / budget management, photo and film production – from pre production, locations, set design, styling, casting, props and logistics to post production, CGI and all aspects of digital work.

Kalle Gustafsson for Boomerang

Mattias Edwall for Smarteyes

Karolina Henke for Kungliga Operan

Karolina Henke for Polarn O. Pyret

Kalle Gustafsson for Jean Paul

Pelle Bergström for Absolut Elux

Pelle Bergstrom for Stockholm New